The Journal of Public and Private Management publishes articles in public governance, policy, administration, and management with a focus on ASEAN and the Asia Pacific region. The Journal is published bi-annually, in June and December.


General Guidelines

Authors should submit their electronic file (Microsoft Word or PDF) manuscript to the Editor at


Manuscripts should follow the style guidelines in the American Psychological Association (APA), 15th edition. Submissions should be manuscripts that have not been published previously and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.  Manuscripts should be no longer than 8,000 words, including the abstract, bio statement, endnotes, reference list, tables, figures, charts, and appendices.


All material should be 12-point Times New Roman type, double-spaced with margins of one inch. Please do not use the auto format feature in your word processing program and do not use the footnote feature to embed endnotes. An abstract of no more than 150 words should appear on a separate page, preceding the first page of the manuscript.  The abstract should include the central question addressed

by the article and the author’s findings and conclusions.  The Journal of Public and Private Managementuses a double-blind review process so authors should prepare their manuscripts accordingly.  Please avoid indications of authorship whenever possible.


Information on Manuscript Formatting

Bio Statement

Authors of articles should include a biographical sketch of 50–75 words (on a separate page, at the beginning of the manuscript), providing information about their position, organization, and professional interests.


Tables, Figures, Charts, Appendices

Please keep tables, figures, charts, and appendices to a minimum. Your text may highlight and summarize the main points in a table but it should not duplicate the details. Note that the words “table,” “figure,” “appendix,” etc. should be lowercase when referred to in the text. Zeros

should be omitted before decimal points in tables but not in the text. Please do not use heavy borders or shading. If the table, figure, or chart requires fill effects please USE PATTERNS instead of shading.


Article Title and Section Headings

The guidelines for article titles and section headings are as follows (please do not underline):

Article title and principal subheads: 14-point roman type, title case, bold, and set on a line separate from the text. Secondary subheads: 12-point roman type, title case, bold, and set on a line separate from the text. Sub-subheads (run-in subheads): 12-point roman type, title case, bold and italic, run-in at the beginning of a paragraph, and followed by a period.



Numerals or words: Spell out only single-digit numbers (1–9) and use numerals for all others. Use numerals for percentages and spell out percent (for instance, 9 percent). Centuries should be spelled out and lowercased.